StenoTran has a proven record of providing quality and timely service. They consistently provide excellent service to the Court and its litigants at competitive rates. I highly recommend that anyone requiring reporting services consider this firm and compare their services and rates when deciding to employ reporters.

Garry McNulty
Federal Court

StenoTran’s staff have been professional in all dealings with the Tribunal and, of equal importance, with the clients of the Tribunal. Using stenotype, steno mask, shorthand, and digital reporting methods, StenoTran has consistently delivered on-time and accurate transcripts.

Gilian Burnett
A/Assistant Secretary and Registrar

As the Assistant Secretary and Registrar, my staff and I work closely with StenoTran management and with the court reporters directly. I can attest that StenoTran provides competent and professional court reporting services. The Tribunal has always been very satisfied with the performance of the court reporters and with the timely production, quality and delivery of transcripts.

Susanne Grimes
Assistant Secretary and Registrar

Given the lengthy and numerous proceedings before the CRTC (average of 16 hearings per year), StenoTran is required to produce a high volume of pages following the conclusion of the public hearings, either on a next-day delivery or a 5-day delivery basis, including transcript of in camera sessions. StenoTran continually meets the Commission’s requirements while providing a high-quality and accurate transcript in a timely fashion.

Chantal Boulet
Director, Planning and Process

Over the last year, we have engaged StenoTran Services Inc. under six separate contracts to provide audio transcription services in support of the administration of formal Boards of Inquiry. The transcripts of the recorded testimonies have fully met the standards defined in the contracts. StenoTran Services has consistently met delivery dates and has been fully responsive to our needs.

Michael Peckett
Comptroller, Chief Review Services
National Defence

StenoTran has demonstrated flexibility in the provision of services required by the
Board and has adapted to its changing needs.I would not hesitate to recommend StenoTran Services Inc. to other departments, agencies and commissions requiring reporting services.

Sylvie Dupont
Secretary of the Board

I am also writing to thank you for the valued services provided over the past six years to the Human Rights Tribunal. we, at the tribunal have very much enjoyed our working relationship. The reporters and office staff of StenoTran have always been most cooperative, helpful, and an enjoyable group of people to work with. But most important, they were always very competent and professional.

Michael Glynn
Human Rights Tribunal

I can attest that StenoTran provides competent and professional official bilingual transcription services. The quality of their work has been excellent and the delivery of transcripts has been timely, within prescribed timelines. I would not hesitate recommending StenoTran Services Inc. to other departments, agencies and commissions requiring official bilingual transcription services.

Susanne Schryer-Belair
Manager, Corporate Services
Integrity Commissioner

The Board requires verbatim transcripts of the day’s proceedings to be available to all parties within two (2) hours of the conclusion of the proceeding. This can involve the production of upward of 75 transcripts within the two hour time frame.The Board has used Stenotran to provide court reporting services and has always been satisfied with the accuracy and timely production of the transcripts.

Paul B. Pudge
Assistant Secretary
Ontario Energy Board

I am writing to thank StenoTran for its services over the first five (5) years of the case. Over this time, I found the transcription services provided by your firm to be both accurate and timely. In addition, I found your staff to be friendly and courteous in all circumstances. I would be happy to use your firm’s services in the future should the need arise.

Chris Jones
Classification & Equal Pay Officer

This will confirm that the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is very satisfied with the transcription services provided by StenoTran Services Inc. in the past many years. As a federal quasi-judicial administrative tribunal holding public hearings and meetings in a scientific domain, we have always been impressed with the celerity, reliability and quality of the services provided by StenoTran.

Marc Leblanc
Commission Secretary

The delivery of transcripts was within prescribed timelines and in full compliance with the terms of the contract. These services were often required to be completed in the context of a very demanding working environment. StenoTran demonstrated flexibility in the provision of the required services and adapted to the changing needs.

Terry Beitner
Director and General Counsel
Department of Justice

The quality of their work has always been of an excellent nature and transcripts have been delivered within prescribed time lines. Stenotran has demonstrated flexibility in the provision of services required by the Tribunal and has adapted to its changing needs. I would not hesitate to recommend StenoTran to other departments/agencies requiring reporting services.

Larry Seguin
Deputy Registrar
Competition Tribunal

The court reporters assigned to the project conducted themselves in a professional and discreet manner throughout the entire hearings. The firm demonstrated its flexibility and reliability-throughout the proceedings in responding to changing requirements. Daily transcripts were prepared efficiently and consistently met the delivery deadlines established by the Commission. I would not hesitate to recommend StenoTran as a highly qualified supplier of court reporting services and I am confident that they can be relied upon to produce and deliver a very professional service.


Alan Quinn
Contracting and Intervenor Funding

The Commission has used StenoTran to provide court reporting services and has always been satisfied with accuracy and timely production of the transcripts.

Nicole Viau-Cheney
Director of Finance and Administration
Commission of Inquiry

Quality service by dedicated professionals. This statement guides the management of our organization and establishes a working environment focused on accuracy of the record and client satisfaction. Our team delivers world-class service and product quality. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you.

In 2019 we celebrate 40 years of excellence in the provision of English, French and bilingual court reporting and transcription services, videography, minutes and note-taking, closed captioning, translation, and, most recently, digital media services. We are members in good standing with the National Court Reporters Association and the Chartered Shorthand Reporters’ Association.

We provide stenographers, voice writers/Steno mask and digital reporters at hearings, depositions, examinations, arbitrations, conferences, and annual meetings held at locations across Canada and internationally.